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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Inceptors are cool and trendy
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 15:14:19 GMT
Jennifer Yip wrote:
> Thanks (Nuno) for responses to my Request interception question.
> Can I follow on:
> I have added the config to cocoon.xconf and sure enough I am picking up 
> on the request flow.
> I want to extend this and make a more generic process to handle request 
> flow
> ie
> I want to be able to add into sitemap
> <map:component-configurations>
>   <flow-interceptors>
>      <inflow>
> etc
> I understand therefore I need to mod the sitemap-v06.rng file (RelaxNg) 
> in a similiar fashion to use by authentication-manager.
> Questions:
> 1) Was it expected that developers extend cocoon by modifications to 
> sitemap-v06.rng OR should some other direction be taken?

the relax file is not used by cocoon at runtime, so modyfing it wouldn't 
yield any runtime result.

as for extending the sitemap, as a social policy, we don't want people 
to wonder off adding their own pieces (this would increase balkanization 
of the userbase) so if you think the sitemap needs something new, 
normally we initiate a discussion on this list.

> 2) What are the plans for a more flexible interceptor framework 
> (declarative) within new releases of cocoon?

no, not at this time.

Keep in mind though that javascript prototypes are a great way to create 
simple AOP, I seem to remember that there are examples of this in the 
scratchpad in the cocoon repository.

> 3) Why does cocoon.xconf contain - what is the value add here? just for 
> logger aspect?
>    <authentication-manager logger="core.authentication-manager">
>    </authentication-manager>

xconf is a general configuration file and the semantics are interpreted 
by the system. so far, the only aspect is logging and those are the 

hope this helps.


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