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From Rolf Kulemann <>
Subject Javaflow and passed sitemap parameters
Date Sat, 11 Sep 2004 11:43:22 GMT

I just tried out the Javaflow block. 
I wonder how I can access the parameters passed from the sitemap within
my flow methods.

I had a look to o.a.c.c.f.j.JavaInterpreter.callFunction(String
methodName, List params, Redirector redirector).

The javadoc sais, that "params" is made available in the flow class, but
this method(callFunction) never accesses the params variable or passes
it to wherever. So I guess it is not possible atm to access the
variables passed from the sitemap ala cocoon.parameters or similiar?

E.g. getParameter(String name) would be cool in the class

Is the javaflow block not developed anymore? What is the state of it ? 

Rolf Kulemann

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