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From "Jens Maukisch" <>
Subject Cocoon Portal Engine Tools
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 06:40:26 GMT

As you all know, the new portal engine, while powerful in functionality has
been somewhat :-) lacking in tool support. So, because we know this is an
itch many people would like scratched, we've developed a basic
tool-framework for the cocoon portal-engine.

The idea behind the framework is that it should be easy to extend given and
plug-in new management tools for the portal engine. This could be tools e.g.
for user or coplet/layout management etc.

The portal tools framework offers a plugin architecture which allows you
easily to add new or remove 
unnecessary tools.

By using this architecture a developer can build step by step many small
tools (plugins). The framework provides easy access to all necessary portal
components and adds additional helpers e.g. for layout modifications. The
tools use current Cocoon technologies like Flow, CForms and JXTemplates.

As an example we've built a first plugin to configure the portal layout for
the user (add/remove/move Tabs/Rows/Cols/Coplets) and some basic user
management functionality.
We have some documentation for the framework and the examples, too. Yes
really :-)
We would like donate the tool-framework to the cocoon project and we would
be interested in comments as to whether anyone "out there" would be
interested in this and if you think you would want to jump in and extend the
given - basic - toolset.

Kind regards
Daniel Dost & Jens Maukisch
Competence Center Open Source
 S&N AG              Tel.: 05251/1581-0
 netBank solutions   Fax : 05251/1581-71
 Klingenderstr. 5    <>
 D-33100 Paderborn

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