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From Leo Sutic <>
Subject Re: [RT] Concerns surrounding CocoonNG
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 10:11:08 GMT

the problem I have with Merlin/Metro is this:
    Do you have ANY idea just how incredibly hard it has been 
    to develop for Merlin?  I've been trying to get a whole platform 
    out the door here at Sony and was held up for MONTHS 
    because of the huge changes between Merlin 3.0 and Merlin 

Perhaps this was just a freak accident, where slight changes turned
out to have large and unanticipated effects. Nevertheless, it is
*precisely* the reason why Cocoon is migrating away from Avalon and is
looking into Pier's kernel. The reason we're interested in it has not
so much to do with classloading, strong contracts etc., which can be
implemented if anyone cares enough for them. It's the fact that the
Kernel is *completely under our control*, so we'll never have the
system break because of changes to the kernel.

Therefore I'm +1 on Pier's kernel. I'm sure Merlin/Metro has a place
somewhere, maybe inside the "blocks", maybe somewhere else, but
considering switching to it at this point in time is simply reckless.


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