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From Nicola Ken Barozzi <>
Subject Re: ResourceExists does not work on cocoon: protocol requests?
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 15:34:12 GMT
Vadim Gritsenko wrote:

> Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
>> In fact IIUC, in SitemapSource I see:
>>     /**
>>      *
>>      * @see org.apache.excalibur.source.Source#exists()
>>      */
>>     public boolean exists() {
>>         return true;
>>     }
> The problem is that the only way to actually test whether sitemap source 
> exist or not is to try and generate this sitemap resource - which might 
> be expensive operation.

Let's say that I'm clever enough and all of the processing that happens 
without resource generation are (failed) matches. This should be cheap 
enough, as it's the same thing I would do if I do it in the main sitemap 
(which I do not want to do).

How to do it?

[I still remember some time ago when someone wanted to mount sitemaps 
and have processing from the caller continue if no match was found. I 
still remember who was particularly against this thing (errr me), and I 
am now banging my head on solving the same issue. Same thing with the 
handle-errors and the generator in it... the world still didn't fall. 
Gotta remember these things next time I open my big mouth...]

Nicola Ken Barozzi         
             - verba volant, scripta manent -
    (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)

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