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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: pluto in Cocoon
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 07:04:39 GMT
Ralph Goers wrote: 
> Thanks Carsten,
> I'm not sure if I want/need to strip it down or not.  What we 
> want is a "normal" web site that can also display JSR-168 
> portlets.  We'd like a common layout across all the pages 
> though.  I've just started looking at this, but it looks like 
> most of the portlet functionality is handled by the 
> PortalGenerator, so it would appear that this should be 
> fairly easy to do.  The PortalGenerator calls a 
> PortalManager, which I haven't really looked at yet. I assume 
> the PortalManager needs the portal configuration to do its work.
Yes, for web sites you can use the static profile manager. By
this all users of your website get the same profile with the
same content (no user/role based personalization).

> We also have the case where a single webapp will be hosting 
> multiple portal sites. From what I can tell this should also 
> work since the portal configuration looks like it uses cocoon 
> pipelines.  
> Here, the issue would
> be how to do personalization differently.   The portal 
> documentation says
> that you can use your own persistence layer but doesn't explain how.
This is done by own components. E.g. the ProfileManager manages the 
profile (obviously ;) ) You can make your own implementation
that fetches the profiles in the manner you want.
Or you can provide your own implementation of a ProfileLS component,
for loading/saving of the profile.

In general, for each task a specific component is available that
you can customize for your needs.


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