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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Nesting/Aggregating generator...
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2004 20:48:09 GMT
On 24 Aug 2004, at 19:07, Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
> How it will differ from [1]? IncludeTransformer was added recently  
> exactly to address this problem with CIncludeTransformer. See also bug  
> #30356.
> Vadim
> [1]  
> java/org/apache/cocoon/transformation/

Well, at a first glance, I'd say that the IncludeTransformer is  
breaking up quite a lot of rules regarding caching...

getKey always returns "IncludeTransformer" which I don't know exactly  
what kind of behaviour might trigger in the backend cache  
implementation (I'm not saying "it doesn't work", I'm saying it _might_  
not work).

If I have a pipeline like the following:

  <map:match pattern="*"/>
   <map:generate src="{1}.xml"/>
   <map:transform type="include"/>

When I do a request for "foo" the key for the cache validity produced  
by the generator will be "file://foo.xml" (for example), if I request  
"bar" it'll be "file://bar.xml"...

The transformer always returns "IncludeTransformer", no question  

So, maybe with the current cache implementation it works, but from what  
I can see from the API docs, there might be a lot of cases in which  
you're going to get some pretty weird behaviors out of it, especially  
when your cache grows _a_lot_ (we have a diversity in URLs alone of  
approximately 150.000 entries, without counting the internal URLs,  
cocoon:/....) and you need to start relaying on disk to  
serialize/de-serialize caches and validities.


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