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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: Hibernate question
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 09:35:24 GMT
Il giorno 11/ago/04, alle 11:18, Gianugo Rabellino ha scritto:

> I'm not even sure this is enough. It is from a purely legal POV, but 
> it might be confusing for users: unless we clearly state that Apache 
> Cocoon is protected by the AL 2.0 if and only if you use the shipped 
> version of the Spring jars, not the official ones, there is a risk of 
> someone redistributing Cocoon with different/updated/custom 
> built/whatever Spring jars which could be viral.

If someone downloads whatever product from somewhere else than an 
official ASF repository, isn't it *their* fscking problem to make sure 
they are complying with whatever license the things they are 
downloading are covered by?

If I were to provide a version of Cocoon on my FTP server, bundled with 
a closed-source or GPL version of JMS and JavaMail libraries, just 
because I want my customers to be able to use these features without 
having to replace the mocks we provide with a real impl., wouldn't the 
ASF have the same problem, assuming it was an ASF problem to begin 


Ugo Cei -

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