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From Matthew Langham <>
Subject Re: [repost] Cocoon GetTogether 2004 Call for Proposals
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2004 17:18:54 GMT
> Not been to (or read much on) foocamp ... could you give me a bit more 
> detail on what you mean?

Basically the attendees arrange the sessions themselves. At EuroFoo we 
used a wiki to submit presentations we wanted to hold. Other attendees 
would then add their names as a "sign of approval". On the first 
evening of EuroFoo the sessions were then entered onto large 
whiteboards (that contained the times and rooms). The whiteboard was 
constantly changed during the weekend as people added/cancelled 
sessions or moved them around to avoid conflicts.

To be honest I think this would be ok if the whole event was a 
hackathon - but many people attending a "conference" would expect a set 
schedule. And I think that splitting the GT between a hackathon and a 
"normal" conference like day is the best way to go (for all groups of 
attendees - especially corporate :-)).

> Maybe 'lightning talks' would be fun, too ...

This however may be an interesting addition. Basically people can 
submit 5 minute talks that are then held in a single session 
back-to-back. A moderator keeps time and pulls the people off the stage 
once the 5 mins are up.


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