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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Add pass-through capability to mounted pipelines
Date Tue, 31 Aug 2004 06:38:42 GMT
Le 31 août 04, à 08:33, Carsten Ziegeler a écrit :

> David Crossley wrote:
>> +1 for the ability to return for subsequent processing.
>> I like the explicit name "return-no-match".
>> The default should ideally be true, but does that sit okay
>> with back-compatibility?
> No :) The default should be "false".

+1, the current behaviour should be the default

> I'm not a native speaker (obviously) and don't want to be *too* picky,
> but "return-no-match" sounds a little bit wrong to me.
> I think something like "return-on-no-match" or so would
> be better, no?

Agreed, or even "continue-if-no-match".

A bit verbose, but Nicola says in his proposal "...make it possible for 
mounts not to necessarily halt processing if no match is found" which 
translates in my (simple ;-) mind to "optionally continue processing if 
no match is found".

But it's so hard to agree on names, whoever does the implementation 
gets to decide ;-)


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