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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: Subversion really slow
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2004 15:15:02 GMT
Il giorno 12/ago/04, alle 15:42, Unico Hommes ha scritto:

> My experience with subversion since we switched is that the cocoon 
> repository is painfully slow at least using subclipse. I haven't much 
> previous experience with subversion but I was under the impression 
> that it should be more performant then CVS? So, I am wondering whether 
> this is a problem with subclipse, the apache svn repository or 
> subversion itself. I also noticed that cvs web subversion browsing is 
> equally slow.
> Even worse, on my computer at home I haven't been able to checkout 
> Cocoon at all because it keeps craching my computer. Both using the 
> command line client and subclipse. Anybody have similar experience 
> and/or advice?
> --
> Unico

On OS X Panther:

$ time svn update
At revision 36287.

real    1m6.448s
user    0m2.010s
sys     0m4.010s

Most of the time seems to be spent in the server or the network, since 
the client appears to be practically idle.

Time to switch OS maybe? ;-) CVS times seem to be comparable

$ time cvs -d -q -z3 update -dP
real    1m0.474s
user    0m2.390s
sys     0m7.310s


Ugo Cei -

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