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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject RE: Portal - PortletDefinitionRegistryImpl question
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 06:09:48 GMT
At 8/26/2004  10:54 PM, you wrote:

>This is the way, Pluto works, so it just has been "copied" to
>Cocoon. Somehow, the Cocoon portal has to know which JSR-168
>portlets are available and this search mechanism tries
>to look through all mounted webapps and extracts the portlet
>information (if available).
>Now, a nicer solution would be if we have a deployment tool
>where you drop your portlet war file into, the portlets
>are registered and Cocoon does not need to scan all webapps

In my patch I have it only scanning the current war file. I don't know of 
any way to even get access to other webapps from inside a war.  Then again, 
I'm not sure why I'd want to get to portlets from some other webapp.

Also, how does that actually work?  How does the portlet run if it needs 
jars from the other webapp? Wouldn't you get a ClassNotFoundException?


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