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From "Bart Molenkamp" <>
Subject RE: Coplets, continuations and <a href=...>
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2004 11:44:48 GMT
Thanks for your quick response!

Still one question (curious): can you explain why the hanoi game won't
work inside a coplet?


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From: Carsten Ziegeler [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 1:08 PM
Subject: RE: Coplets, continuations and <a href=...>

Bart Molenkamp wrote:
> I'm using has the bug.

> I have tried versions 2.2.0-dev and 
> 2.1.6-dev, and for both the links seem to work for my 
> application. However, the hanoi game still doesn't seem to 
> work. I don't know why.
> In samples/blocks/portal/coplets/html/sitemap.xmap, I removed this:
> ?copletid={coplet:#}
> from the pipeline, so I can pass parameters using GET myself 
> (otherwise the URL would be messed up, like 
> xxx.continue?copletid=xxx?id=2 -- note the ? twice). Removing 
> this made my application work.
> But is it legal to remove this copletid? Is it required 
> somewhere down the pipeline?
Yes, it is legal. If your coplet pipeline does not have to access
any coplet related information, it doesn't need the id. Or in other
words, if your pipeline doesn't use the id, you can remove it from
the call.


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