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From Velle Andrè <>
Subject RE: Rhino revisited
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2004 12:14:54 GMT
We managed to get this to work. The trick is that you need to put all the cocoon libraries
on the bootclasspath. Not nice, I know...
You need all the libraries, not just Rhino, as otherwise calls from flow to cocoon libraries
will fail - they will be in different classloaders. 

We also tried ParanoidCocoonServlet, but it didn't improve things. In the end we got management
approval to use tomcat in front of Weblogic. Much saner.

André Velle

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From: Ralph Goers [] 
Sent: 18. august 2004 02:36
Subject: Re: Rhino revisited

Thanks for the suggestion, but we had absolutely no luck.  We are
deploying a war so ParanoidCocoonServlet can't work.  We got
BootstrapServlet to at least recognize Cocoon's Rhino, but that took an
exception.  This is also a complete hack because we'd have to put our
WEB-INF/lib somewhere outside the war.  Finally we tried putting Cocoon's
rhino jar first in the classpath.  That took an exception in
org.eclipse.jdt, apparently compiling the javascript.  I'll post the stack
traces here when I get them from my co-worker to see if anyone has any


Gianugo Rabellino said:

> Are you sure there is no way of setting some hidden flag in
> classloader order so that you can use inside Cocoon your own version
> of Rhino and let weblogic use his? I'm pretty sure this can be done
> (if it can be done on Websphere, it should be feasible everywhere :)),
> and if it doesn't work you always have the ParanoidCocoonServlet to
> help you.
> Of course, merging the two would be *much* better...
> Ciao,
> --
> Gianugo Rabellino

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