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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: FreeMarker integration
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 16:30:25 GMT
Leszek Gawron wrote:

> Is anybody interested in FreeMarker integration with cocoon? There is no 
> single word (Oh there are some freemarker occurences but they do not 
> stick to the subject) about FreeMarker on the cocoon-dev list. It is BSD 
> style licensed so there is no problem with shipping it with cocoon I think.
> To say the truth: there is NO good templating language to use with cocoon:
> 1) XSP is just a step ahead from JSP 1.2 and step back from JSP 2.0 
> (this is just a quick comment - I maybe wrong, anyway: XSP sucks)
> 2) Velocity is out of question right now - there is even no xml/html 
> escape utility so a newbie ends up with having a template that could 
> generate an invalid sax event stream.
> 3) JX Template generator is fine for simple cases but it lacks a lot of 
> functionality i.e.:
>    - control statements are very limited
>    - you cannot plug in external tag implementations - jx:macro is good
>      only for simple processing, you can do it only via a ugly "session
>      hack" (${cocoon.session.wikifyFunction( "--string--",
>               cocoon.consumer}), so it's very close to any extensions
>    - you cannot set attribues via something similar to xsl:attribute as
>      it is quite hard to implement (and might be inefficient)
> I would never be able to leave cocoon:
> - I cannot imaging my life without flowscript
> - cforms is the best implementation for form handling there is. period.
> but the view generation is what really bugs me..

have you tried Pier's Garbage? (it's in the scratchpad)

> If someone is interested I might try to implement freemarker integration 
> as the comparison to velocity looks promising:


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