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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [CForms] <form enctype>
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2004 15:32:50 GMT
On 05.08.2004 16:39, Hunsberger, Peter wrote:

>>>I added this to my forms-field-styling.xsl in the template for
>>>	      <xsl:if test="descendant::node()/fi:upload">
>>>         		<xsl:attribute
>>>       	      </xsl:if>
>>>Good idea, or bad?
>>I'm not very fond of it, since this needs to scan the whole 
>>tree below the form-template, which might be large (if it 
>>contains lots of widgets or large selection lists), combined 
>>with the fact that most forms don't use uploads anyway. Just 
>>IMHO of course.
> I suppose it may depend on the XSLT processor, but if you didn't have to
> use the descendant axes this could be ok.  Not knowing the structure of
> the Cforms templates I don't know if you can avoid descendant, but if it
> maps to a regular XHTML form then shouldn't the fi:upload element always
> be a fixed number of steps away from the context of this test? IE;
> allowing for some kind of grouping a test like:
> 	test="./fi:upload or ./group/fi:upload"
> would avoid scanning the whole tree (and in particular the contents of
> things like lists)...

Not possible. The stylesheets work on the templates, which can contain 
any markup at any depth.


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