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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [CForms] <form enctype>
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2004 19:54:48 GMT
On 04.08.2004 19:04, Mark Lundquist wrote:

> I added this to my forms-field-styling.xsl in the template for 
> <fi:form-template>:
>           <xsl:if test="descendant::node()/fi:upload">
>                 <xsl:attribute 
> name="enctype">multipart/form-data</xsl:attribute>
>                 </xsl:if>
> Good idea, or bad?  It seems like if CForms can add this attribute 
> automagically, there's no reason for me to have to remember to do it 
> with my bare hands in the form template.
> If I submit a patch, I'll update the userdoc as well, so I don't want to 
> go to the trouble if somebody knows a reason why the patch wouldn't be 
> acceptable, so let me know...

Good idea, I do it at the moment in the form template. Forgetting the 
@enctype led also to confusion for users:

I only would change the test to "descendant::fi:upload".
I can not apply it as my system has not migrated to SVN yet.


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