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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: [proposal - take 2] Whiteboard Branches
Date Sun, 01 Aug 2004 13:20:03 GMT
Ugo Cei wrote:

> Il giorno 31/lug/04, alle 03:29, Stefano Mazzocchi ha scritto:
>> Same thing as the previous proposal but with the "whiteboard" name, 
>> "playground" kinda sucks and "research" would scare people way 
>> because it feels too serious.
> "Whiteboard" sounds fine. We already have a "scratchpad" in the trunk, 
> however. What would be the difference between scratchpad and whiteboard?

In order to summarize:

 - whiteboard
   The whiteboard can contain revelutionary stuff like Butterfly or other
   one-man-shows. They needn't be based on the current codebase - they
   only have to have some relationship to Cocoon.
   Evolving from whiteboard needs a vote.

 - branches
   Branches are based either on previous minor releases (e.g. 2.1.x)
   or they are future, evolutionary developments based on the codebase
   that is available at the time of branching. Branches are supported
   by the community and fixes go into all branches that activly developed.

 - scratchpad (block)
   Small contributions that don't require a new branch and you want
   to indicate that this is not supported by the community at the
   time of committing it. Examples are new components.
   They still need a vote to be moved into a stable block or into
   Cocoon core.



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