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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Nesting/Aggregating generator...
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2004 17:58:40 GMT
Heya folks...

I just finished writing a -some-sort-of- FileGenerator + CInclude 
aggregator, all in one, with caching support...

My problem lies in the fact that we have some files which gets 
transformed to generate some CInclude tags, that include content, and 

Problem is that I can't cache the output of this thing, as CInclude 
doesn't do that "nicely" (it doesn't have all the variables, as it 
doesn't know whether its input has changed or not).

Basically what I done is that I took the two, and merged them 

A generator always knows its input (its a file) and can verify whether 
it's valid, if it is, then the "<include src=...>" declaration in there 
will not be changed, so it can also verify whether its included files 
are valid or not...

And so on recursively...

Basically, it's a <map:aggregate> but the aggregation is driven by 
what's in the source (and recursively, in all sources so included).

Is there any interest in this? Shall I add?

Can be handy...


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