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From Halgurt Mustafa-Ali <>
Subject characters() strange behavior
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2004 08:54:54 GMT
 I had a look at the cocoon API to find out how the method "Characters" I found 
 this section below:
 public void characters(char[] c,
                        int start,
                        int len)
                 throws SAXException
 Receive notification of character data. 
 Specified by:
 characters in interface ContentHandler
 c - The characters from the XML document.
 start - The start position in the array.
 len - The number of characters to read from the array. 
 c should be the whole characters of the xml document, but when I have documents 
 who have more characters than 2048 I get only the first 2048 and the rest will 
 be cut. Can somebody give me an explanation?
 Many thanks,
PS:@Stefano: I am quite sorry, I thought I am sending the mail to the list, I 
appologize for that.

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