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From Halgurt Mustafa-Ali <>
Subject SemWeb
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2004 11:57:00 GMT
Hi all,

Well I implemented the RDQLTransformer and works properly. It would be very nice 
if you be so kind a test it. I used Jena 2.1, and cocoon 2.2.

It is possible to pass the knowledge base as src attribute to the Transformer, 
If you have a komplex model you kann give all needed files as sitemap 
Parameters, it does not matter how you name the parameters.

It is also possible to set these values as request parameters:

Triple statement: subject, object
and statement:  operand1, operand2

For example if you have this query:






			<rdql:triple subject="?x" 
predicate="" object="?y"/>

			<rdql:triple subject="?y" 
predicate="" object="?name"/>

			<!--rdql:triple subject="?y" 
predicate="" object="?matrikelNr"/-->

            <rdql:triple subject="?y" predicate="" 

		<rdql:and operand1="?semester" operand2="?z2" operator=">"/>

you can set these values: ?x, ?y, ?z2, ?semester, ?name and ?matrikelNr like 


It will be very nice if you feedback.

Many thanks,

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