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07/02/2004 04:09 PM
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Re: Why Cocoon Stops processing all Requests URI the moment one of them has an exception;CInclude

Arnab Sengupta wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have a Cocoon pipeline that takes a huge xml as input. The stucture of
> xml is:
> <Root>
> <Message>
> <!--- Other elements inside it -->
> </Message>
> <Message>
> <!--- Other elements inside it -->
> </Message>
> <Message>
> <!--- Other elements inside it -->
> </Message>
> </Root>
> Now I have an xsltc transformer taking an xsl, internally calls same
> *cocoon URI*, based on occurance of "*<Message>*" tag.
> <xsl:foreach select="Message>
>             <xsl:variable
> name="messageURL">*cocoon://labData?messageNo=<xsl:value-of
> select="position()"/>*</xsl:variable>
>             <cinclude:include ignoreErrors="true" src="{$messageURL}" />
> </xsl:foreach>
> Now when any one of these URI's fired through CInclude gets an
> exception, other URI's are never processed at all. I mean i am not very
> sure whether other URI's gets fired or they are aborted. Can someone
> please tell me what will happen, if URI fired by the occurance of 2nd
> <Message> gets an exception. Will the URI for 3rd Message be fired at
> all? Or if fired it will be aborted in middle..?
ignoreErrors attribute is only taken into account when using
cinclude:includexml tag.

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