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From BURGHARD √Čric <>
Subject dom parameters in TraxTransformer ?
Date Sat, 03 Jul 2004 17:25:22 GMT
Hi everybody,

I just wonder if it's planned to be able to pass dom parameters in a
TraxTransformation ?

We use qui often here, cinclude | xinclude enclosed in a <xsl:variable> tag
to drive our xsl transformations with non flat datas. (eg association
lists). We could use document() inside xslt, but the changing of context
path at each transformation steps, make it difficult to handle (not talking
about pipeline caching problems or the lack of cocoon:/ protocol), and i
think that DOM is better suited for small blocks than SAX (document()
generate SAX events).

The drawback is that we had to use the exsl:node-set() extension to select
nodes inside variable (just waiting for the upcomming xslt 2.0 ;-), and use
an include transformation inside the pipeline.

Perhaps could we have something like <map:parameter name="foo"
src="cocoon:/foo"> at the sitemap level (which enhande IMHO the
readibility), and use directly select="$foo/bar" in the stylesheet (like
the deli block which provide a dom variable to the TraxTransformer).

Any thought ?


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