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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: [RT] A Groovy Kind of Sitemap
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2004 18:46:37 GMT
On 30 Jul 2004, at 12:07, Vilya Harvey wrote:

> A scripting language feels like overkill for simple pipelines, but the 
> XML syntax is very awkward for more complicated ones. The appropriate 
> choice comes down to how soon you feel that cutoff occurs, for the 
> kind of sites you develop.

If the complexity of a sitemap becomes too troublesome to express using 
XML, I'm pretty sure adding yet another concern to the same artefact 
won't help - quite the contrary. I'm pretty sure some sitemaps "out 
there" are simply too complex because people use all sorts of twisted 
pipeline constructs and components, just to avoid writing some lines of 
flowscript or an Apple, or use Java proper. What some people feel like 
a disadvantage (splitting flow and pipelines into separate artefacts), 
I feel like a distinct advantage of Cocoon. With my peanut brains, I'm 
able to understand more advanced Cocoon apps when I see a <map:call 
function|continue> and some internal-only pipelines which are called by 
flow functions with a well described Map of input parameters. This is 
all highly personal, of course.

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