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From Brian McCallister <>
Subject Re: Native JVM Continuations
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2004 14:34:34 GMT
Speaking of this, if anyone wants to see this happen in 
j[s]dk[1.6|6.0|6.1] we need a JSR formed fairly soon.

I have pinged Geert Bevin (RIFE) and James Strachan and both are 
willing to help on an EG, but to my knowledge neither is a real expert 
on the subject. To do this right would require finding the real experts 
and requirements =)

Anyone know anyone (or happen to be someone) who is widely familiar 
with continuations as a language feature, who has spare time (ha!), and 
might be interested in seeing them go native in Java?

Thanks in advance,


On Jul 7, 2004, at 11:56 AM, Tony Collen wrote:

> James Strachan writes [1]:
> "Spent a great afternoon & evening with John Rose from Sun (compiler & 
> VM team), who's on the Groovy JSR - we've managed to figure out many 
> of the gremlins in the language. Plus I learnt quite a bit about the 
> JVM. e.g. it might not be that hard to implement continuations at the 
> JVM level! Apparently the JVM already does a kind of continuation 
> internally for optimising bytecode - so if you want native 
> continuations, hassle the good folks at Sun & raise some bug reports, 
> maybe we can persuade them to sneak it into 1.6 :). Native Java 
> continuations would totally rock - and avoid all that inefficient 
> bytecode swizzling we'd have to do to implement continuations on top 
> of the JVM."
> [1]
> Regards,
> Tony

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