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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject Re: Calling web services from Cocoon
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 10:31:50 GMT
On Mon, 26 Jul 2004 16:12:30 +0200, Daniel Fagerstrom
<> wrote:
> Hi Morley,
> I answer at Cocoon-dev as others might be interested.

Yup, I am. We're currently facing the need of a tool that does "XML
over HTTP" for some webserviceish things that aren't actually SOAP
compliant (it's just RPC with XML in/XML out stuff).

Just to add another wheel, we were thinking of a different solution:
we're planning to build a WebServicesProxyTransformer that basically
builds on the ideas of the WSPGenerator (take some XML, send it over
the wire, insert the response) and SQL/DASLTransformer. A custom
element wraps the XML to be sent to the "web service" and the result
is inserted exactly at the same point in the XML stream. Then we
realized that we were duplicating

> AFAIK there are no "current prefered method" for calling web-services. I
> and my colleagues, use the extended SourceWritingTransformer (SWT) 

I was thinking about using SWT as well, but then I realized that SWT
doesn't offer a way of inserting the resulting XML in the original
stream: all it does is delete the XML inside the <source:write/>
element, providing some status information (see SWT#reportResult()).
Am I missing something?

So, is it time to grab this issue once and for all, providing a common solution?

Gianugo Rabellino

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