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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: The Butterfly Manifesto (was Re: [RT] Spring+JMX == Real Blocks?)
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 05:53:12 GMT
At 7/21/2004  04:18 PM, you wrote:

>tests help but don't really buy us anything: have a community that is 
>strong and diverse enough to do the regression testing for us.

I couldn't disagree more.  Unit/functional tests help tremendously in 
verifying that a new release is still compatible with the prior release - 
or at least identifies how it is not.  Even more important, this can be 
known before the release is done instead of finding out from the user 
community after it goes out.  Although there are a large number of folks 
who pull from CVS, I expect most download released versions under the 
expectation that they have undergone more rigorous testing.

>Let's not mix concerns: cocoon has few tests, agreed, but this has nothing 
>to do with the architecture.

It does in the sense that you can't prove that you haven't "broken" it.


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