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From Leszek Gawron <>
Subject Re: [RT] A Groovy Kind of Sitemap
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 08:50:24 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:

> Conal Tuohy dijo:
>>Stefano wrote:
>>>The XML syntax makes sense only when you want to process the sitemap
>>>iteself via pipeline (for example, to generate an SVG poster
>>>of it via XSLT)
>>>And makes sense if you want to prevent people from adding scripting
>>>inside the pipelines (well, actions are kinda like scripting
>>>aren't they)
>>It's also potentially useful for validation.
>>Another thing I like about XML sitemaps is that you can load them in a
>>browser and use + and - buttons to reveal only the sections you want.
>>The fact that XML is a common syntax means that there will always be new
>>things you can with it.
>>Personally, I like it as XML. :-)
> I agree. The idea I buyed from XML was that we don't need to add new
> parsers, easily transformations using XSLT, etc. and that is a point we
> will lose.
Have you ever trasformed your sitemap for anything else than 
sitemap2html purpose?

Even if you need sitemap documenting it would be better to use javadoc 
like tags in some java,grovy,whatsoever code.

> You know that I like Groovy. and I thought about that long time ago, but I
> was no brave enough to propose a Groovy syntax because the problems
> parsing the Groovy code for later purposes. Note, I am not droping the
> idea. I think we need to see closer to the pros and cons about a Groovy
> sitemap syntax.
> Another solution can be to allow more syntax here: XML, Groovy, java,
> [fill here]. The question is if this is not again a balkanization. Long
> time ago we agreed to avoid that for forms frameworks. Can we agree the
> same for sitemap syntax?
> I still have the idea that we need an IDE for Cocoon and using non-XML
> syntax will be harder to parse. Just think what if we need to build an
> non-XML reader to interpret the sitemap. With an XML syntax it is a very
> easy task. Perhaps Sylvain call tell us more about this since they are
> developing a tool for Cocoon.
> Best Regards,
> Antonio Gallardo

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