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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: Calling web services from Cocoon
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 12:29:53 GMT
Christian Mayrhuber wrote:

>On Monday 26 July 2004 16:12, Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>I'm currently writing a hand crafted stub for a remote object, that I can use 
>in both Flowscript and my custom generator. (The remote side has no wsdl)
>If the remote site had a wsdl description you could use wsdl2java from the
>axis project to generate such stub's. 
>Stub's are the way to go, because their usage pattern is identical for 
>EJB business logic and foreign web services.
>My best experiance with cocoon has been so far with:
>Presentation layer:
>1. jxtemplate + cforms + flowscript + xslt/xslfo
>2. custom geneator|custom transformer + xslt/xslfo
>Business logic:
>As java beans or as stubs trough webservices|ejb.
Yes, something like 
would be nice. We are mainly using document-style web services so we 
have not used the stub based approach.

Are you using the HTTPClient from Jakarta commons?

>>I spent some time today trying to test the code with the samples that I
>>submitted in the bugzilla entry, but the web services that I call from
>> seemed to be down or at least very slow, anyone knowing
>>about any other good webservice test sites, preferably with WSDL
>You need to subscribe as developer, though.
Thanks. I mainly need something that I can use for samples for Cocoon, 
so something that doesn't need subscription would be nice.


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