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From Alexei Neizvestny <>
Subject Internal access to Cocoon using Java
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 10:19:42 GMT

I wonder if there is a way to execute a call to the Cocoon instance from 
within the same web application using ordinary Java API, not wasting 
time on HTTP overhead. If so, where to start? I have examined interfaces 
to some root Cocoon classes, and did not find an entry point to do that. 
Or, maybe, I chose a wrong way.

Shortly, my aim is to develop a web service that would receive SOAP 
requests and utilizing the fine Cocoon functionality would send the 
pipeline result back along with SOAP response. Since, as far as I know, 
the only Cocoon solution to process SOAP request is AxisRPCReader which 
does not allow taking part in pipeline processing, my web service 
implementation has to reissue the HTTP request to the Cocoon server. 
However, as long as my web service and Coccon server run on the same 
host, within the same JVM, and even within the same web application, 
such kind of interaction looks rather inefficient, so I am seeking to a 
more direct kind of interaction.

If anybody could suggest me a more appropriate solution to my problem, 
I'd appreciate any help.


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