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From Leszek Gawron <>
Subject Re: Getting the ServiceManager from Request?
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 19:00:49 GMT
Jochen Kuhnle wrote:
> I am working on a "ExtendedFormManager" which groups a form, several 
> bindings and data models together. The use case is to specify e.g. a form 
> which initializes from a "database model" with binding A and upon submit 
> stores itself into the "database model" with binding B and additionally 
> into a "mailto model" with binding C, thus storing and sending an email. 
> The "ExtendedFormManager" should manage the whole thing together as 
> painlessly as possible, it should be a Service, and should be created from 
> a configuration file automatically when a form is needed.
> One Situation is in the form template, where you get the form through a 
> JXPath expression. Something like the following would be nice there:
> <ft:form-template location="ExtendedFormManagerHelper.getForm($request, 
> 'MyExtendedForm')"> 
> where ExtendedFormManagerHelper.getForm is a static method that does the 
> Service lookup and initialization.
> For this to work, I need to get the ServiceManager in order to get to my 
> ExtendedFormManager Service. According to the code 
> (FormsPipelineConfig.createConfig), the JXPath context only has variables 
> for continuation, request, session and parameters.
so obtain this extended form manager in flow :

var mgr = cocoon.getComponent( ExtendedFormManager.ROLE );
form.showForm( "myview", { mgr: mgr } );

There is somethink like form bookmark which stores the continuation to 
restart the form. So every time your form gets show a new manager is 
being looked up. You should release this manager after every form 
roundtrip (really do not know how to do it here - you might have to 
change Form.js).

then do it like this:
<ft:form-template location="mgr.getForm($request, 'MyExtendedForm')">


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