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From Unico Hommes <>
Subject Re: CIncludeTransformer + event aware caching
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 09:00:52 GMT
Hi Corin,

I hadn't noticed this before but you seem to be correct. What we need to 
do is make CIncludeTransformer support a different cache validity 
generation method appart from the current expires one. Similar to the 
one used by TraversableGenerator. The TG builds up an aggregated 
validity object as it progresses through its generation of events. Each 
time it encounters a new Source to include it adds the validity object 
from that source to the aggregated validity. Since EventValidity objects 
do not need a new validity for comparison when determing whether they 
are valid or not this works out nicely.


Corin Moss wrote:

>Hi Guys,
>We're implementing Event Aware caching at the moment, and it's working
>well.  We're migrating from the Prism based cache which we've used until
>now.  Our only hurdle at the moment is proving to be the
>CIncludeTransformer.  Expires based caching is hard wired right into it
>(and the DefaultIncludeCacheManager).  Has anyone done any work on
>anything like this?  I've not been able to find anything in CVS.  I
>suspect that it won't be easy, as the methods that need to be overridden
>are split between the implementation, and its helper classes.
>Any thoughts?
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