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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Bug in Cocoon Source Resolver (was Problems trying to implement a SourceFactory)
Date Sun, 18 Jul 2004 08:22:48 GMT
On 18.07.2004 09:06, Colin Paul Adams wrote:

>>>>>>"Ralph" == Ralph Goers <> writes:
>     Colin> So, shall I raise a bug then?
>     Ralph> I certainly would.
> OK.
> But before I do, I'd better be certain which version from CVS I'm
> running.
> I checked out anonymously a few weeks ago. I thought it was cocoon 2.1
> then (but I'm not certain).
> But these days, when I do a build, the build directory has a
> cocoon-2.0.0-dev sub-directory.

This is cocoon-2.2.0-dev, isn't it?

> Yet CVS/Repository says cocoon-2.1

Yes, that's an irritating naming. We will fix it when moving to SVN.

> And Bugzilla offers me both Current CVS 2.1 and Current CVS 2.2
> So I think it must be 2.2, but I'm not sure.

Please use 2.1.

> Maybe I should check out afresh from scratch. Will that guarentee 2.2?

Don't use cocoon-2.2 repository as it contains "something completely 
different": it was thought as 2.2, but we decided later to continue 
development in cocoon-2.1 repository. The 2.2 repository had some 
refactoring that were hopefully all backported to 2.1 repository and 
additional a new container. cocoon-2.2 will be only a branch in SVN.


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