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From Luigi Bai <>
Subject Re: XMLDBSource and credentials
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 22:17:41 GMT

Upayavira wrote:

> Luigi Bai wrote:
>> I'd like to modify XMLDBSource to allow the URI to override the 
>> credential information. This would allow different users to access 
>> collections/resources as themselves in eXist (
>> Any objections? My first thought is to allow URIs of the form:
>> xmldb:exist://user:pass@host:port/coll/coll/resource.xml
> I take it there is no such definition of providing user/pass within the 
> XMLDB spec?
> Regards, Upayavira

Authentication is handled by username and password parameters to methods 
on the org.xmldb.api.base.Database interface. The XMLDB spec is silent 
about handling userinfo in the URI itself. The org.cocoon...XMLDBSource 
gets around this by configuring authentication information into the 
<driver> element, and then passing that through to the relevant 
interface methods when necessary (see Bugzilla for a recent patch of 
that behaviour). However, that is static: only one username and password 
can be configured per protocol scheme (i.e.; xmldb:).

What I'm proposing is effectively allowing just-in-time specification of 
username and password in <map:generate src="" /> elements.

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