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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: the use of bugzilla
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 17:00:07 GMT
Torsten Curdt wrote:

> Folks,
> please noone take this personal (reinhard,
> please don't) 

no problem. I'm always interested in other opinions.

> but am I the only one that
> thinks that this use of bugzilla is kinda
> awkward?
> Having the Cocoon Forms "overview" in
> bugzilla to gather the dependency list
> is perfect IMHO. Definitely a good idea!
> But the above entry is just a reference
> to some documentation ...and it was
> entered as such. Do we wanna have such
> stuff in bugzilla?

after Betrand's great presentation at the GetTogether last year we 
agreed that we try Bugzilla. At this time we had a list in our Wiki of 
all requirements which are prerequisits for a stable CocoonForms block 
and many people thought that this wasn't the best way.

> IMHO That's not the right place because
> we could end up with a huge amount of bugs
> just pointing to documentation. least
> let's mark such stuff as "WON'T FIX" or
> something. 

Unfortunatly each entry is called "bug" but some are necessary points 
for our Roadmap. We just use Bugzilla to manage our Roadmap. I know it 
is far from being complete (e.g. Portal Engine, Blocks implementation 
are missing) and we as community don't use it in the way Bertrand 
suggested but it has been a first step.

If this discussion doesn't lead to "we don't need it or don't want it 
this way" I will move all our roadmap entries into Bugzilla and will try 
keep them more up-to-date.


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