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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject more problems compiling in java 1.3
Date Sun, 11 Jul 2004 14:12:43 GMT

Mantaining the java 1.3 compatibility goes harder each day. My lastest
commits targeted to allow compile cocoon in java 1.3. I already decided to
exclude scratchpad for the intent because there is Groovy that only works
in 1.4.... I initial thought. That is OK....

Now, I am facing a new problem in the portal block. I am using 1.3.1_12.
Here is the error:

decode(java.lang.String) in cannot be applied to
            env = getEnvironment(servletPath, URLDecoder.decode(uri,
"UTF-8"), request, res);

The problem is that in Java 1.3 the no contain the
called method:

That is OK. But when we see the same method class in Java 1.4, we note the
only method in 1.3 is already deprecated with a big warning:

So, I understand why we prefered the method in java 1.4 rather than the
method in 1.3. I know that as workaround we can declare the portal block
that only works in java 1.4, but I also saw the problem of keep the
mantainability of all this. As I pointed before most libraries now are
releasing only in java 1.4 and I often need to compile the jars in 1.3 to
be included in cocoon. If this will be only a simple: download, compile,
copy procedure that is OK. But the fact is that often this is more
complicated than that.

Similars problems we face when we talk about the JDBC 2.0 vs. JBDC 3.0

I think it is time to rethink about the 1.3 support and if we will
continue, then we need to change (or perhaps remove) some parts of the
code. Of course I think it is not the best solution, but a if we will be
1.3 compatible, then we need to be sure all the code will be. I don't see
the value of a semi-support for 1.3.

BTW, even Sun is nearly to deprecate 1.3, so why we need to care about?

Before we decide (I know, there were some voted before and a lot of mails
about...) what to do, I will continue to see where else are problems and
fix them. But until a decision is taken I will exclude from the build the
portal block.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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