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From "Pavel.Vrecion" <>
Subject RE: How to document - need help with publishing
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 10:52:10 GMT
Thanx for help.
It is clear, now.

It took me some time to understand that in Bugzilla attachments can be added
only after bug is submitted, and not as a part of submitting bug process.
Steps for posting a new documentation are a little bit complex (for the
first time), but on the other hand they are well described in Contribution

But I would like to share my fresh experience of first-time contributor:
- logical starting point is so you start here
- then you find on the left side menu item named Community/Contributing,
that's it, so click on it.
- There is a chapter called "Contributions of Code and Documentation", so
far so good, fast and straightforward
- You find here some hints about writing internal cocoon documentations, but
it seems that it is not your case. Then you find a link to Procedure for
"Raising Development Issues". Here you get advice to join dev mailing list,
or go to Bugzilla, where you find nothing obvious about document
- after reading Contribution how-to it is clear.

The process works fine (from the user point of view) for bug reporting and
probably for Cocoon code contributions. But for supportive and general
purpose documentations the procedure is more hidden. I think that adding
simple sentence to "Contributions of Code and Documentation" section,
something like "If you want to contribute with tutorial, code snippet, case
study or how-to, read ...", will help.

Pavel Vrecion

-----Original Message-----
From: David Crossley [] 
Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2004 11:30 AM
Cc: Pavel.Vrecion
Subject: Re: How to document - need help with publishing

Pavel.Vrecion wrote:
> I know, that this subject is slightly off-topic for this mail list, but

No! It is right on topic, on either dev or user list.
Bear in mind that most devs also participate on the
user list. 

> I wrote a how-to document, which will be good (if you agree with me) to be
> published on Cocoon web pages (Documentation - HOW-TO section).
> I have not found any obvious way, how to post my small contribution.

Then we had better fix our main documentation, because you
should be able to easily find out how. More below ...

> Nevertheless I have spent full day on it, and I do not want
> to throw it out of my window(s) :-).
> Can anybody help me to get it on Cocoon pages? I am lost.
> Please..
> Pavel Vrecion
> Document and example application are attached

Gee, please don't send attachments to the mailing list.
Didn't we already discuss how to contribute.
(I hope that i don't come across as angry, because i am not.
These are constructive comments.)

If you find Bugzilla difficult, then please see
(Sorry, certain How-To documents should be at a higher level
of the website.)

There are many reasons for *not* sending attachments to the
mailing list. Here are some ...

* The contribution will often get lost in the volume of other
topics and mailing.

* Every cocoon dev does not want or need a copy of the attachments
in their local mail archives.

* The issue tracker, Bugzilla, reminds us of the many jobs that
we need to do.

Finally, of course, thanks for your contribution.

David Crossley

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