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From Tim Larson <>
Subject Re: [cforms] enabling all widgets to listen to value changed events
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2004 14:10:26 GMT
On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 12:41:36PM +0000, Joerg Heinicke wrote:
> I have a form where for legal and natural persons different widgets have to be
> presented. I implemented it using a union widget and storing the persontype on a
> field with datatype ineger, the value is bound to a bean. To make this value
> usable in the union's case widget it must be transformed into a string. So my
> form definition looks like the following:

Btw, Do you have ideas on how we should lift the "string" type restriction?

<snip sample/> 
> I wonder why we do not enable all widgets to listen to value changed events.
> Though the user can not fire the event, it can happen programmatically like in
> my use case above. Besides this one (which is more a work around of the union
> widget's restriction) there are also other use cases imaginable, e.g. in a
> simple game: one widget is "number of trial", another one is "trials left". The
> second one is only updated if the first one has changed - of course the user
> must not update them by hand, so they are output widgets.

Yes, let's fix that, and while we are at it, I would also like widgets to have
these dynamically selectable options:

  Via the model (secure, does not rely on well-behaved clients)
    Read/write - Like a normal widget
    Readonly - Like an output widget.
    Writeonly - For sensitive input (e.g. passwords not echoed to the client.)
    Neither - For server-side data (e.g. to still allow use of the other
      benefits of cforms widgets, such as validation, value-changed-events,
      and the ability to load and save via bindings.)
  Via the model and/or the view (not secure, relies on well-behaved clients)
    Inline - displayed but not in an input box (like an "output" widget.)
    Enabled - displayed in an editable input box (like a "field" widget.)
    Disabled - displayed in a non-editable input box.
    Hidden - not-displayed, hidden input box.
  Default mapping from model to view (can be overriden by the view):
    Read/write - Enabled
    Readonly - Inline
    Writeonly - Enabled
    Neither - Output to view suppressed


--Tim Larson

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