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From "Hunsberger, Peter" <Peter.Hunsber...@STJUDE.ORG>
Subject RE: Session Timeout listener (was: RE: [RT] The API for the request object)
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 18:54:56 GMT
Colin Paul Adams <> writes:

> In fact, checking the documentation for postgresql, it 
> doesn't have transaction timeout, only statement timeout, 
> which certainly isn't adequate.

I've never had to worry about it at the DB level, we use JBoss and
manage it at the container level. Perhaps a bit overkill for some apps
but it certainly solves a lot of these types of issues...

If all you've got is statement timeout a wrapper around the
execute/executeQuery should work? This may  involve some refactoring
(given your "not adequate" POV), but it's probably good practice in any
case?  I'd would likely be easier than migrating to an EJB framework ;-)

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