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From David Crossley <>
Subject RE: How to document - need help with publishing
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2004 04:07:57 GMT
Pavel.Vrecion wrote:
> Thanx for help.
> It is clear, now.
> It took me some time to understand that in Bugzilla attachments can be added
> only after bug is submitted, and not as a part of submitting bug process.
> Steps for posting a new documentation are a little bit complex (for the
> first time), but on the other hand they are well described in Contribution
> how-to.
> But I would like to share my fresh experience of first-time contributor:

Thanks, this is excellent feedback.

> - logical starting point is so you start here
> - then you find on the left side menu item named Community/Contributing,
> that's it, so click on it.
> - There is a chapter called "Contributions of Code and Documentation", so
> far so good, fast and straightforward
> - You find here some hints about writing internal cocoon documentations, but
> it seems that it is not your case. Then you find a link to Procedure for
> "Raising Development Issues". Here you get advice to join dev mailing list,
> or go to Bugzilla, where you find nothing obvious about document
> contributions.

Yeah sorry. Actually this whole section needs to be tidied sometime.

> - after reading Contribution how-to it is clear.
> The process works fine (from the user point of view) for bug reporting and
> probably for Cocoon code contributions. But for supportive and general
> purpose documentations the procedure is more hidden.

Well it should be the same procedure.

> I think that adding
> simple sentence to "Contributions of Code and Documentation" section,
> something like "If you want to contribute with tutorial, code snippet, case
> study or how-to, read ...", will help.

I have added some words to both of those sections of contrib.html
to try to help clarify. Also added a new task to Bugzilla to be
more clear about the whole procedure.

Thanks for your effort.

David Crossley

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