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From Colin Paul Adams <>
Subject Re: CForms stylesheets - use of xsl:param and xhtml
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2004 20:24:13 GMT
>>>>> "Bruno" == Bruno Dumon <> writes:

    Bruno> BTW, what's the advantage of using XHTML? What browser does
    Bruno> support it?

To answer you second question first: Epiphany, apparently (and
therefore presumably all Gecko-based browsers).

The reason why I believe this to be the case, is having made my
changes, and then serialzed using the xhtml11 serializser - on a
documented created from an html (NOT xhtml) source (i.e. form sample
1), I get serialized a document which purports to be (i.e. it's DTD
says it is) XHTML 1.1, but is actually a mixture (the stylesheet rules
just copy through the html body and head elements using the default
template, whereas they are adding xhtml namespace for their

This apparently explains why epiphany is NOT display "Sample form" in
the browser's title bar - as Opera 7.51 is doing; but displays it on
the page itself - as plain text.

My explanation - Epiphany (but NOT Opera 7.51 - shame on it!) has
noticed the strict DTD, noticed that <head> is not in that DTD 
(<head xmlns=""> is), and so has not
interpreted it's <title> child as a hint that it's text value should
be displayed in the title bar of the browser.

And to answer now your first question - you know where you are with
XHTML 1.1 (or 1.0 Strict) - the rules are clear, and if the browser
doesn't obey them, that's not your fault.

And the chances are, the next release of the faulty browser WILL obey
them. I think the tendency is clear.
That's my take on the subject, anyway.
Colin Paul Adams
Preston Lancashire

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