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From Colin Paul Adams <>
Subject Re: CForms stylesheets - use of xsl:param and xhtml
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:10:23 GMT
>>>>> "Bruno" == Bruno Dumon <> writes:

    >>  Yes.  At least, only those whose parent is not an html/xhtml
    >> element.

    Bruno> So the namespace of an element made using xsl:element is
    Bruno> inherited by literally-defined elements?

Afraid not - as I realised two minutes ago :-)

    Bruno> Let's hope so :-)

Well, on what I've coded so far - definitely not (when I hit the
reload button - I have to look twice - generation is zero time to my perceptions).

However, the existing stylesheets are not valid anything, so it is
defeating my purpose (of generating valid xhtml) from proceeding as I
have been - at least without further changes.

I had just got as far as changing a span into an xsl:element - and
then looked at it's child.
It was at that point I realised what you have just pointed out
(above), and sighed.
But I then positively groaned as i realised the contents of the span
was a table - illegal - span can only contain inline elements - html
4.01 or any xhtml (I don't bother to check earlier DTDs).

So what do I do?

The span concerned is just apparently surrounding the table with core
attributes - which can equally go on the table itself - so the obvious
solution is to just transfer these attributes to the table element. No
difference as far as (x)html is concerned.
But maybe there is a knock-on effect somewhere? Perhaps there is java
code somewhere that expects this structure? I don't know. Can someone
advise me please?
Colin Paul Adams
Preston Lancashire

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