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From Colin Paul Adams <>
Subject Re: CForms stylesheets - use of xsl:param and xhtml
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2004 18:48:49 GMT
>>>>> "Bruno" == Bruno Dumon <> writes:

    Bruno> I'm not against the introduction of XHTML, but I want HTML
    Bruno> to remain supported.

    >> If someone wants HTML output, he/she can always add a
    >> namespace-stripping transformation and use the HTML serializer
    >> afterwards.
    >> Ugo

It seems to me that a straight forward solution would be to introduce
a boolean parameter for the HTML serializer, and make it the default, to strip
any xmlns="" namespace nodes.
Then compatibility is maintained, but if for some reason you DID want
these attributes to appear, you could set the parameter to false.
Colin Paul Adams
Preston Lancashire

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