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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: Minor issue with WordDoc example
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 17:44:07 GMT
Berin Loritsch wrote:

> Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
>> Hi Berin,
>> could you please state the version you are using in your reports?
>> I assume ( because of your download mail) that you are using 2.1.5.
> Oh, ok.  Yes, everything is from the most recent release: 2.1.5.
> It seems the flow examples are broken (no content shows up at all!).

Further report on that: Tomcat 5 was at 128MB memory usage and nothing
was coming back from Tomcat.  So, the problem was the server, not cocoon
(this time).


"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to 
build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to 
produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning."
                 - Rich Cook

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