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From Grofčík Martin <>
Subject RE: JSR 168 in new portal
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 08:23:56 GMT
Hello all,

I have the similar problem (cocoon 2.1.5).

I deployed cocoon app as JSR 168 compatibile portlet into the pluto. As
testsuite.TestPortlet1 (in the web.xml
        <display-name>TestPortlet1 Wrapper</display-name>
        <description>Automated generated Portlet Wrapper</description>


There is output form cocoon app in the pluto container's portlet and
testsuite.TestPortlet2 also works.
-> everything is OK till now.

When I delete pluto dir from tomcat's webapps dir, and copy cocoon webapp
dir (with deleted pluto*.jar and portlet-api*.jar) I log-in into the cocoon
portal engine as guest guest. In the JSR 168 there are 3 coplets :
Portlet-Test : The coplet TestPortlet-1 is currently not available.

Test Portlet #1: 

Test Portlet #2:

The last two do not have any text output. When I set break points into the
org.apache.cocoon.portlet.CocoonPortlet and debug cocoon, I did not get into
the CocoonPortlet. 
Portlet-Test is possibly not working because no webapp.TestPortlet1 is
specified. But why Test Portlet #1, Test Portlet #2, which are 
testsuite.TestPortlet1, testsuite.TestPortlet2 - same as in the testsuite of
the pluto, do not work?
And how can I get them into work?

Thank you in advance for answer.

Regards Martin

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From: Sebastian Gnoyke [] 
Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2004 9:54 AM
Subject: JSR 168 in new portal


I have a question to the new portal, which is with the Cocoon version
2.1.5-dev thereby.
If one logs in in the portal as ' cocoon ' user, then there is a tab ' 
JSR-168 '.
Under this tab, are 3 Coplets, which shows nothing.
Instead of the content, one indicates:  The coplet inst is currently not

question: What i have to do, to bring these coplets up?


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