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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: CLI Caching and JCS - almost there
Date Sat, 19 Jun 2004 09:14:51 GMT
Vadim Gritsenko  wrote:
> Upayavira wrote:
> > I have implemented some code to allow the Cocoon bean to 
> check whether 
> > a page can be read from the cache (and if so, the bean can 
> ignore it).
> > To be able to ignore it, the links must be cached too. I've 
> got this 
> > working, which is great.
> >
> > However, it only actually works the second time a page is generated 
> > within a session. So it seems that the first time it isn't in the 
> > cache, which implies that maybe the cache isn't surviving Cocoon 
> > restarts.
> >
> > Now that I know my code works, I'll dig deeper into the JCS 
> store to 
> > see if I can work out what is happening.
> >
> > Does the JCS cache actually survive shutdowns correctly? Carsten?
> IIRC - No. See known issues list:
As sometimes the answer is not a simple yes or no :(
JCS seems to need a critical mass to write to disk, so if you put some
content into the cache (for my tests it was more than 10 items),
then these are written to disk. So something like each time 10 new
items are in the store they are written to disk, which also means
if you put 14 items in the store only the first 10 are written.

But once the store is written to disk it survives shutdown. The JCS
people are aware of this problem, but I think they haven't fixed
it yet.


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