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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Playing with the JCR RI
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 14:37:12 GMT
Dear Cocooners,

I've just started to take a look at the JCR (a.k.a. JSR-170) Reference 
Implementation from Slide, after having read the latest JSR draft, and 
I feel like exploring the possibilities of its usage inside Cocoon.

First thing I tried to do is an implementation of the 
o.a.c.components.repository.Repository, but then I started to think 
that it didn't make much sense. Our Repository interface is meant to 
provide a virtual repository API on top of different implementations 
(only a WebDAV impl. is available at the moment). But isn't this just 
what JCR is about? Wouldn't it be better if we dropped our own 
Repository and adopted the JCR APIs? We already have a WebDAV and a 
local filesystem implementation available in the RI (plus an 
implementation on top of a "virtual filesystem" which I haven't grokked 
yet). Of course, nothing prevents us from wrapping a JCR repo inside an 
Avalon component, if we want.

Then I thought about doing a Generator that could stream the XML 
representation of a JCR repo provided by the API. Should be a piece of 
cake as there's a method that streams it to a ContentHandler.

In order to show off what can be done with Cocoon+JCR, we could try to 
clone the Web frontend distributed by Day at 
or some part of it.

Thoughts? Questions? Volunteers?


Ugo Cei -
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