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Subject RE: [RT] The Cocoon Handbook - some actions
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 13:02:43 GMT

I've seen many discussions and nice ideas, but so far only suggestions. Here
is my compilation of these suggestions:

1. Nicola offered to set up a space for the documents using Forrest. Given
other remarks it should be possible/easy to convert any structured
electronic text to something useable for Forrest. So let's do this.
2. Nicola also suggested to put this in SVN, which allows more fine-grained
access for docs-only committers. Sounds good and would be a nice testcase
for those wanting to work with SVN. So let's do this too.
3. The idea to start out with an outline has been suggested in the past too
(a.o. by yours truly :-)). Let's sweep these efforts together and come up
with a rough outline. This is by no means final, otherwise there will be
discussions for the coming year on what the BEST outline is. It's a start
and can be used for the first version. I will do this.
4. It's a good idea to add existing docs to the new outline, although each
and every part has to be reviewed to see if it is still correct, but in
terms of getting it up and running this is by far quicker than a rewrite
from scratch.
5. Using OpenOffice with suitable templates should indeed attrack more

So for now, let's make some decisions based on the suggestions above. If it
was me I would take these ACTIONS:

1. Nicola sets up a document space.
2. Nicola sets up a SVN access to this space.
3. I will gather all efforts to create an outline and merge them to
something that look reasonable.
4. Sylvain creates/modifies a template to be used in OpenOffice.
5. Someone (Nicola?) writes a small HOW-TO use SVN for documentation.
6. Someone (Sylvain?) writes a small HOW-TO use OpenOffice + template for

... more actions to come.


Bye, Helma

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