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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: [RT] Cocoon component container and excalibur
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2004 05:50:00 GMT
Le 3 juin 04, à 07:31, Antonio Gallardo a écrit :

> ...Cocoon is migrating to a new container architecture...

Is it really? Don't get me wrong, there is great work being done in 
this area, but IMHO this will take some time to actually materialize as 
a release.

> ...The question
> remaining in my mind is: How to develop components right now? In the 
> sense
> that we don't want to write components for ECM, because it is almost 
> dead.
> How to avoid to rewrite when the new component container in Cocoon will
> raise?...

With the number of existing ECM components in Cocoon, the motivation 
will be high for whoever works on a new container to provide a 
migration path, either dynamic glue which allows you to reuse ECM 
components as is, or migration tools. So IMHO we'll be able to migrate 
ECM stuff without much pain.

An alternative would be to host a lightweight container in an Avalon 
wrapper to act as the container of your components. IIRC someone 
recently mentioned using Spring in this way.

In this way your stuff is more decoupled from Cocoon, but of course it 
adds to the overall complexity of your system.


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