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From "roy huang" <>
Subject [help]using two portals in the same time
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 13:41:47 GMT
    I setup a portal basing samples working just fine.But when I setup another one in different
directory something wrong happen,here's my step:
    1.In order to avoid authtication conflict,I rename second portal's authentication handler
form "portal" to "standard-portal" in its sitemap
    2.Rename second portal application name from "portal" to "standard-portal"
    3.In cocoon.xconf,add  
 <portal name="standard-portal">
    below the sample portal

    If I access both two portal alone ,everything's fine,but if I access any one first and
access the other one,the portal need to login(correct).It works wrong:
    After login,the portal still display the anonymous layout,and the logout link in the right
top is displayed.So authtication is pass. So it must the load profile didn't work right.

    I'm using 2.1.5 with tomcat 4.1.30+jdk 1.4.2,I also repeat this error by copy the director
of portal to standard and modify it follow the upper steps using jetty ship by 2.1.5.

   What I miss or is it a bug?

Roy Huang
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